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Welcome to Bview's documentation area. Procedures are accessible from links below :

  • Overview : Before getting started, let us briefly introduce Bview purpose and usefulness.
  • Interface : A short global tour.
    • Menu : In this section we will describe each menu and their content.
    • Toolbar : Bview offers a useful set of features to help you out with your review process.
    • Timeline : Besides the classic representation of a period of time, Bview's timeline provides options to ease and configure your review task.
    • Media panel : Use this panel to manage you sequence or movie with extended settings and options.
  • Annotate : A simple tool to review your work.
  • Manage media : Compose, edit and apply a set of different parameters to your media.
  • Sound : Play and synchronize your sound media.
  • Export : Export your work to other formats.
  • Archive : End your work process by archiving.

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