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The annotation tool is a helpful and easy feature to use for your review process.

How to use

The annotation tool is toggled from menu Tools > Toggle annotations tool.

You can now use the basic tools available to edit your media :

../rsrc/img/Annotation_Drawing.jpg Drawing tools : pencil, brush, airbrush, line, erase and pick.
Text tool : you can customize the text to add (font, font color, opacity etc..).
It can also be moved by dragging it (left click) or edited (double click). More options are available with a Right click.
On Mac only, you can also select several annotations (Space Bar + Left Mouse Click) and move them (V + Left Mouse Click)
../rsrc/img/Annotation_Options.jpg Options : allows you to set the size, opacity and color of your drawing
../rsrc/img/Annotation_Others.jpg Notes toggle : show or hide notes (Key N)
Note navigation (< and >) : allows you to reach the previous or next frame containing a note (Key Alt + < or >)
Remove annotation : allows you to either delete the current notes or all of them

Frames containing at least a note are marked by a red key on the timeline. These marks help you to rapidly identify the annotated frame(s) :


The Note Status (N) also triggers a red logo when the media has at least a note :


Two options are available at removal : Current and All.
Selecting Current will remove all the notes at the current frame while All delete all notes on all frames

Save your annotations

You can save your annotations alongside your project : use File > Save (as).
After saving your project, pop-up will show up asking if the annotations have to be saved as well :


By default a note is :

  • Saved in the same folder as the .bv file.
  • Prefixed with NOTES_.

When notes are saved, red marks turn to blue :


If your notes has to be used on another media, you can also export them.
This option is available after a Right click on the column Note Status :


Linking existing notes to a media will put the notes at the exact same frame. Only notes with matched frame are linked.
e.g if there is a note at frame 250 but your media contains 200 frames, this note is not linked.

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