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Export images in bview

Export as images or movies from Bview is via Export button under the timeline, it opens a window containing the following parameters :


  • Source : choose from CURRENT (save current sequence), MODULE (save current module), IN/OUT (export frames between IN and OUT bounds), ALL (save all sequences contained in Bview).
  • begin : starting frame.
  • end : ending frame.
  • remove_alpha : to remove alpha in the save (used to reduce the weight of the file for delivery).
  • apply interface settings : apply the selected options in the interface (lut, brighten, gate...) to the image/movie output.
  • apply annotations : insert annotations to the image output.


  • anim : animated sequence.
  • stereo : when checked, allows you to save two files (left and right).
  • file_name : destination file name and path.
  • file_format : file format (PNG, DPX, MOV...).
  • color_space : color space (LINEAR, SRGB, CINEON...).
  • as_link : save as link.

Export DPX

Export as DPX images with DPX Options to define parameter :

  • dpx_depth : bit depth.

Export EXR

Export as EXR images with EXR Options to define parameter :

  • exr_compression : compression algorithms.

Export TIFF

Export as TIFF images with TIFF Options to define parameter :

  • tiff_compression : compression algorithms.

Export JPEG

Export as JPEG images with JPEG Options to define parameter :

  • jpeg_quality : quality.

Export images

Export as images (PNG, CINEON, EXR, JPEG, etc.. ) with File Options to define parameters :

  • frame : frame number on which the sequence begins.
  • padding : sequence padding.

Export movie

Export as movie (.mov) with a set of options to define codec and parameters.

For the moment, only H.264 and DNxHD codecs are available.


Parameters are not customizable, predefined profiles have to be selected.

Profile samples:

1920x1080 23.976fps 422p 115M
1920x1080 25fps 422p10 185M
1920x1080 50fps 422p 365M
1280x720 23.976fps 422p 90M
1280x720 59.94fps 422p 220M


3 options can be set for an H264 export.

  • H264_bitrate : video data rates are given in bits per second. The data rate for a video file is the bitrate.
  • H264_frame_rate : a frame rate is the frequency at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames.
  • H264_profile : set a profile on the output stream. If a profile is specified, it overrides all other settings which guarantees a compatible stream.
    • baseline : mainly for low-cost applications that use few resources, this profile is widely used in mobile applications and video conferencing.
    • main : originally intended for consumer applications, distribution and storage, this profile has become less important since the release of high profile which has the same purpose.
    • high : main profile for broadcast and disk storage, especially for high definition television (profile was adopted for HD DVD and Blue-Ray as well as the French digital TV high definition).

Common values:

480p: 848x480 baseline profile 1.28Mbps (1280000 bitrate)
480p HQ: 848x480 baseline profile 1.60Mbps (1600000 bitrate)
576p: 1024x576 baseline profile 1.92Mbps (1920000 bitrate)
576p HQ: 1024x576 baseline profile 2.24Mbps (2240000 bitrate)
720p: 1280x720 high profile 2.56Mbps (2560000 bitrate)
720p HQ: 1280x720 high profile 3.20Mbps (3200000 bitrate)
1080p: 1920x1080 high profile 5.12Mbps (5120000 bitrate)
1080p HQ: 1920x1080 high profile 7.68Mbps (7680000 bitrate)
1080p Superbit: 1920x1080 high profile 20.32Mbps (20320000 bitrate)


It is possible to redefine the output resolution by changing the resize mode resize_mode which is at NONE by default :

  • ABSOLUTE : offer standard sizes (HD, 2K, 1K) or CUSTOM mode to define its own values of width/height.
  • RELATIVE : apply a multiplication factor to the width and height of the input size: keeps the ratio of the image.

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