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Getting started

Want to start using Bview but don't know where to begin?
Hereunder are the simple steps to follow.

Step 1 - Create or load your project/media


Start your work by creating or loading a project from menu File > New/Load.

A project has a .bv extension.


We call a media a large amount of file formats.
They are all listed on the loading pop-up. A media is loaded with File > Open or LOAD MONO / LOAD STEREO in the media panel. All supported formats are listed by default.


LOAD STEREO is used for 3D work. It requires a left and right eye file.

Step 2 - Read and manage your media

If your media is a sequence of images or a movie it can be read with the timeline.
If it is a simple picture, the timeline is useless.

Some advanced features are available to help you review your work : from color presets (LUTs or color spaces) to the annotations tool.

There are even more possibilities to manage your project.
It is up to you to discover them during your Bview experience!

Step 3 - Save your work


File > Save is the common way to backup your work.
It allows you to save every media opened and settings/options currently applied in Bview.

Projects are saved as .bv file.
It contains all your parameters, options, opened files and their path. Therefore, keep in mind that if the media are moved to another directory after a backup you will get an error message unless you update your .bv directory in File > Change directory.



The export option is another way to backup your work.
It allows you to export the result of your review or compositing into a chosen format with various settings.

Remember to save or export your work regularly.

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