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In this section we will describe each menu and their content.


Name Description
New Create a new project (all opened files are lost)
Open Open a media (all opened files are lost)
Append Add another media to a project (keeps all opened files)
Save Save project and erase previous version
Save as Save project by adding a name and selecting a path
Save as archive Save project as archive with output and quality parameters
Export Export current project to another format with input, output, options and size parameters
Change directory Edit current .bv directory
Quit Exit Bview

Bview's projects are saved under .bv extension.
You can use relative paths by editing your .bv directory.
e.g : media are located in /user/content/jpg but you need to move them to a new folder /user/content/backup go to Change directory and edit the path.


Name Description
Pack Display a minimalist Bview GUI
Unpack Restore Bview GUI
Fullscreen Display sequence or movie in fullscreen
Single View Display one sequence or movie at a time
Dual View Display two sequences or movies at the same time
Lock View Disable display actions (e.g zoom) for reference View
Lock Time Disable timeline actions for reference View
Lock Toolbar Disable toolbar actions for reference View
Toolbar Hide/Show toolbar
Timeline Hide/Show timeline
Thumbnails Panel Hide/Show thumbnails panel
Media Panel Hide/Show media panel
Media Switch to media panel
Sound Switch to sound spectre
Options Toggle Bview general options

Lock View, Lock Time and Lock Toolbar are only available under Dual View mode. When using this mode your reference image or movie is always on the left while your work file is on the right.


This menu grants access to Bview's documentation, tutorials and indicates the installed version on your computer.

Memory usage

On the top right side (bottom right for MacOS) you can monitor your computer's memory availability with a simple widget of your memory resources in order to avoid performance issues.

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