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Play your sequence or movie with many options.

  • Up arrow : Play from first frame
  • Down arrow : Stop/Resume
  • Left arrow : Previous frame
  • Right arrow : Next frame



The slowness at first play is due to the fact that Bview is caching all the frames into your RAM memory. Once this operation is done, frames will be read smoothly. Cached framed are underlined in green.

Timeline bar

Besides a regular play mode you can apply other options to read your sequence or movie differently.


  • R : reset frames settings.
  • Frames management : first frame, last frame, step.
  • Frames progression : display all your file's frames and which one is currently playing.
  • Frame selection : display the selected frame.
  • Play mode : display the current play mode.
  • Play options : choose which frames to play (all frames or cached ones).
  • Play menu : back to first frame, previous frame, play, next frame, go to last frame.
  • Sound : sound menu.
  • Frame rate : frame rate options.

Timeline options

Hereunder more details about some options.

Play modes

../../rsrc/img/Play.jpg Normal play mode
../../rsrc/img/Repeat.jpg Normal play mode with repeat
../../rsrc/img/Reverse.jpg Reverse play mode : from last frame to first frame
../../rsrc/img/Reverse_Repeat.jpg Reverse play mode with repeat
../../rsrc/img/PingPong.jpg Ping-Pong play mode : Normal + Reverse + Repeat mode

Play options

../../rsrc/img/All.jpg Play all frames
../../rsrc/img/Cache.jpg Only play cached frames

IN/OUT bounds

Similar to frames management, setting IN and OUT bounds in your timeline will define where to start and stop playing your media without changing its frame range.
It can also be used to manage your memory.

  • Set IN bound : I
  • Unset IN bound : Alt+I
  • Set OUT bound : O
  • Unset OUT bound : Alt+0

More options are available with a right click on the timeline.

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