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Bview interface

Bview interface can be divided into 6 areas.

Hereunder an overview for each of them.


Menu bar

The menu bar contains 3 sections :

  • File : open, save, export etc.. your project.
  • Window : toggle display options and tools.
  • Help : Bview documentation, tutorials and version.

On the top right side of the bar you can also monitor your memory availability.
On the bottom right side for MacOS.


The toolbar regroups all the basic functionalities to work on your sequence or movie. For more advanced features there are two sub-menus :

  • Tools : toggle Bview's tools.
  • View : manage how your project is displayed by toggling options or applying parameters.

Display zone

Area where your movie or sequence will be displayed.

Depending on its size you can fit your media for a better view.


Directly related to the display zone, it grants you control over how your project is read by managing the play modes, starting/ending frame etc..

Thumbnails panel

When a sequence or movie is loaded, a thumbnail appears to ease its recognition and selection.

Medial panel

The media panel provides a complete set of management options for you to review, compose or edit your project from the simple crop and pixel ratio to the creation of module for sequence and movie composition.

Options can be grouped into two categories :

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