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Manage media

Bview main purpose is to provide a large panel of settings and options you can use in your review process. They have been introduced in this topic.

The second major feature is to grant you access to a simple video editing tool : Module.

Create your module

  1. On the media panel, click on MODULE.
  2. Load your media by using LOAD MONO or LOAD STEREO.
    1. If your media are all in the same folder, you can make a multiple selection.
    2. Otherwise, repeat step 2 as many times as you have a media to load.
  3. Once your module is created and your media loaded, drag and drop them in the module in order. Media will be played starting from top to bottom.


A module has a particular display :

  • On the timeline, each file composing the module are played one after another. There is a color switch to highlight each media.
  • A module has its media displayed between brackets.
  • Media inside a module are numbered after the module's number.

Edit your module

Frames range

A module always uses your default media frames range.

For video editing you can rearrange the frames to make them fit altogether.

e.g screenshot above : we have set the frames range to all media so they are read continuously one after the other from frame 22 to 91.

There are two more options related to the frames :

  • Lock : check if you have to replace (by clicking on the folder icon or writing its path) the current media but keep its frame range.
  • Step : set a step between each frame.

Color management

For each media there are also many possibilities to manage the color display :

  • Color Space : apply a different color space from a predefined list.
  • CDL : more information here.
  • Display LUT : more information here.


When you are satisfied with your module set up, you can export the project to another format with the Export options.

Remember that you can always disable any media or module by unchecking them. Disabled media or module are not read.

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