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Memory management

Play all industry standard image and movie formats from both disk or RAM sources.

Monitor your memory

When you are reading a sequence or a movie, each frame is loaded into your RAM memory.
If the memory needed exceeds the RAM capacity, SWAP memory will be used.

Memory usage is displayed at the top right side of Bview (bottom right for MacOS).
It is shown as :


  • Grey : memory used by other processes.
  • Green : memory used by Bview.
  • Blue : free memory left.

Under 5% of free memory left, a red color replaces the green as a warning.


When no RAM is available, frames are loading into the SWAP.

For MacOS and some Linux distributions the memory management may differ : sometimes RAM can be held unnecessarily in the “inactive” state resulting in less memory available for Bview.

Manage your memory

Cache options can be set in Bview options panel (F12) :


  • View frames in cache : frames are stored into your RAM or SWAP.
  • Use cache limiter : enable cache limiter.
    • Preserve percentage of RAM : define a free memory percentage that Bview can not exceed. It is set at 20% which means a 80% limit of RAM usage.

View frames in cache

When enabled, all frames are automatically cached in the RAM or SWAP memory :



You can disable cached frames on a specified media by checking Fast Memory. ../rsrc/img/Fast_Memory.jpg

Cache limiter

When enabled it prevents your computer from swapping because it will not allow Bview to exceed a RAM memory limit.

Default limit is set at 20%. Therefore Bview is not allowed to use more than 80% of your RAM. If the media still has frames to cache while the limit is reached, previous frames are released.

../rsrc/img/Cache_Limiter.jpg ../rsrc/img/Cache_Preserve.jpg

Dispose cache

You can manage your memory more precisely by using the Dispose methods available with a Right Click on a thumbnail or a media. With dispose, you only keep in cache the frames you need.

There are 6 methods to release your cached frames.

../rsrc/img/Dispose_Project.jpg Release all frames from all media (CTRL+P)
../rsrc/img/Dispose_Current.jpg Release all frames from selected media (CTRL+D)
../rsrc/img/Dispose_BIAO.jpg Release frames outside IN and OUT
../rsrc/img/Dispose_BIO.jpg Release frames between IN and OUT
../rsrc/img/Dispose_BIN.jpg Only release frames before IN
../rsrc/img/Dispose_AOUT.jpg Only release frames after OUT

Input keys are set on timeline with Key I and removed with ALT+I.
Output keys are set on timeline with Key O and removed with ALT+O.

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