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Bview is a high resolution image and movie player for VFX and animation studios to help artists review their work accurately. It allows you to:

Playback Review Export
Play all industry standard sequences of images & movies from both disk or RAM sources Review in specific color context and annotate Simple video editing, export to sequence or movie


Bview supports a large amount of industry standard formats :

  • Image :.jpg, cin, dpx, sgi, rgb, exr, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, pic, tga, tpic, hdr, rgbe, raw, cr2, dng, nef, rw2
  • Movie : mov, avi, mp4

In addition to the regular 2D playback there is also the 3D stereoscopic compatibility which provides different view modes (anaglyph, stereo, active glasses, interlaced glasses).

Efficient playback of multiple sequences of images in RAM or directly from high-speed disk.


Reviewing your work with Bview in a simple way is possible by using easy-to-use tools such as compare mode and annotations.

A powerful color management also helps you in your review process : you can apply a LUT or a CDL, change the color space, color depthc.. alongside with the classic brightness/gamma control and color channel switch.


Once your review is completed it can be exported with a lot of different options which provide a useful sequence or movie manipulation : output formats, resize, retime, color correction etc..

Bview also comes with an extensive command line support called Batch Bview in order to automate repetitive tasks.

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