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Play and synchronize

Bview comes with a support of 5 sound formats : MP3, AIFF, WAV, FLAC and AAC. This functionality is useful when you need to synchronize a sound media and control if it is synced properly with a sequence of images or movie.

Load a sound

In order to load a sound you can either :

  • Click on LOAD MONO, select a media then a sound (ALT+E).
  • Click on LOAD MONO, close the pop-up then add a sound.

The sound panel is accessible at the end of any media bar with a left click under Sound or even with a right click on a media then Sound.
The sound menu displays 4 information :


  • File : shows filename and its path.
  • Offset : define an offset for synchronization purpose.
  • Volume : volume controller.
  • Other information : duration, channel (mono or stereo) and the sample rate.


When a sound media is loaded, its spectrograph is displayed on the timeline :


A better scaled spectrograph is also at your disposal (F10) with the following data :

  • Filename and path
  • For stereo channel, a toggle of the left and right spectre
  • Frame number
  • Timestamp


Every timeline and display manipulation such as IN/OUT bounds, zoom, fit, drag.. are available under F10.

Note that currently there is no sound synchronization with any sequence or movie fps rate : the sound duration remains the same whatever fps rate or step used during playback.
Sound export is also unavailable.

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